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DIY U Part Wig

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DIY U Part Wig Empty DIY U Part Wig

Post by nadula Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:26 am

Refer to our tutorial to make a wig by yourself. First, you have to measure the length and width of your head. The length of the wig will start from the hairline to the back edge of your hair. The distance from the front to the back edges of your head is the width. Also, measure along the back of your head, put the measuring tape from one ear to the other ear. 
Put a wig cap on the Styrofoam wig head. Use the measuring results to draw a U-shaped part on the cap.  
Making a U part wig needs your carefulness and patience. Now, turn the inside cap out and pin it to the wig head. Use a needle and start sewing your first weft on the bottom edge of the cap. Sew from ear to ear, when you reach the other side, don’t cut the weft. You only anchor the weft to the cap with a double knot. 
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how to make U part wig
Take the cap off the head, flip and pin it back to the wig head. Then keep sewing the hair weft frontal headband wig. You can cut the weft or fold it back to sew the next row. 
Sew until you have full hair on the U-shaped part. Once you have done, use sharp scissors to cut the cap in U-shaped that you drew before. Now you sew the last weft to the cut edge of the cap and secure it with a double knot. 
Inside of the wig cap, you can sew some clips and small combs. Sew into the back and 2 sides of the item. 
– We recommend using human hair weft 3 bundles and a closure on making a U part wig. As you know, human hair wig has more outstanding benefits than the synthetic one.
How To Wear The Wig
U part wig is one of the easiest to pull off basically, and it is just track sewn on the full lace human hair wig cap. To begin the installation, you measure your head so that way you know how much hair to part and tie away. 
Before you braid the hair down, separate your crown areas that are going to go over your wig. In order to pull this wig off, you have to have medium or long hair so that none of the tracks are going to show. It is possible if you leave some of your hair lines out to cover the front. 

Some steps on attaching a U part wig
Step 1: Braid your natural hair. You can make cornrows or braid your hair in a normal way. Try to create braids that lay as flat as possible on your head. 
Step 2: Once you have braided all the hair up, wrap the braids intertwine into each other. Then try to pin them so they flat on your head. Depending on how long you are going to wear your unit, you can make the braids thicker that allow you to take them out a bit easier. You also make them a little thinner if you want to wear your wig for a long time. 
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how to wear U part wig
Step 3: As braids are laying flat to your head, attach the U part wig. The wig comes in plenty of styles, you can choose an ombre, blonde, kinky curly or kinky straight wig. And you can find easy to put on and take off with a U part wig with clips. Now, put the wig on your head, adjust its position so that you satisfy. Secure the wig by adding a clip in the back part, and then move to the side clips. Sometimes, the wig has little combs inside, you just stuck it into where you teased to your hair. 
Make sure that all braids are tucked under the unit. Pin the hair again with longer pins. 
Step 4: Undo the hair sections and style them. You should match the full lace human hair wig texture with your natural locks. You could do a middle part, left part or even pull the hair back if you want. 
Opt U part human hair wig to wear, you can style it as you want as it is flexible and durable.


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DIY U Part Wig Empty Re: DIY U Part Wig

Post by Yengspeaksbeauty Fri Mar 01, 2024 6:57 am

This is so informative. Im checking Wigs on Google but im not exactly sure what to choose. But I was able to thoroughly check PerfectLocks on their website. What do you guys think?


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