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How to Part Wig Correctly

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How to Part Wig Correctly Empty How to Part Wig Correctly

Post by yolissahair Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:24 am

If you have a lace front wig or full lace wig you can change the way you part your wig at any time. That is one of the easiest ways to change your appearance.
In this article, we will discuss how to how to choose the right part.
Types of wig parts

Center or middle part
The Center or middle part is the traditional and classic split hair type. In addition to long face shapes, it is suitable for almost all face shapes. Especially suitable for oval face, an oval face, melon seed face as it allows the hair to flow evenly on both sides of the face, elongating it. 
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(1)The medium-distributed hair is separated from the center of the eyebrows to the left and right sides, exposing the forehead. This hairstyle will make people look elegant and noble like 40 inch water wave wig.
(2)The characteristics of the mid-section hairstyle for medium-length hair are that the hair is medium-length and the middle is divided. The forehead hair is combed from the head to the sides. The roots are 5 fluffy and natural. The hair on both sides and back is rolled upwards, with a certain level and tone
(3)Short hair in the middle section gives people a fresh and natural feeling. Short hair can reflect a capable temperament. The middle section has both cute elements and a mature atmosphere.

Off-Center Part
The off-center hair part is trendier than ever before and many women are exploring this interesting option to change their overall look and appeal like honey blonde bundles.
Off-Center Part is a good option for women who want the center part but would like it to look less severe. It’s ideal if you want to offset a strong feature on your face. It’s also great for women with a square face shape as it adds depth. Much like the center part, women who are sporting this style are flexible and balanced.

Side Part
The side part is most women's go-to hair part, as it gives off easy, girl-next-door vibes. This part is usually great for those with square face shapes or diamond face shapes, as it shows off the angles of your face like 613 30 inch wig
sides part with bangs or a swoop will add softness to square-faced ladies.
To create a side part, hold a comb up to the highest point of your left or right eyebrow. Where the comb is even with your hairline is where you should begin parting your hair.

Zigzag Part
The zig-zag wig look is great for your kids to feel fun and creative at school, as well as for you when you just want something a little different like 4x4 lace closure wig.
What you need for styling a zigzag part wig: A tailor teasing comb, styling cream, or a texturizing spray and hairspray.
Comb hair with a comb or fingers from the roots back and hold in place. Using the pointed end of a comb handle, draw a zigzag line in the hair, from front to back. For a modern look, about three to four zigzag points are ideal. Divide and smooth down the hair on either side of the parting with your palms. Knead through some styling cream or use a texturizing spray to create a messy finish. Finish with a little hairspray for lasting hold.

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