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High-End Features Of Huawei Mate60 Pro

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High-End Features Of Huawei Mate60 Pro Empty High-End Features Of Huawei Mate60 Pro

Post by yolissahair Wed Sep 13, 2023 12:07 pm

In terms of body material, the four color versions of Huawei Mate60 Pro all choose a splicing design. The upper part is made of frosted glass or plain leather, and the lower part is made of metal. It is completely integrated with the middle frame. It instantly makes you dream back to 2016. The feeling of the popular metal body era before and after.

In addition, Huawei Mate60 Pro has a relatively good design. Although the front is a straight screen, it has a slightly curved design on the top, bottom, left, and right edges, which not only takes into account the hand feel, but also has a pretty good display effect. For straight screen users It's a plus.

In terms of image specifications, Huawei Mate60 Pro has a 1300W front selfie lens, a rear 5000W main camera (1/1.56", f/1.4-f/4 variable aperture, OIS optical image stabilization 9) + 1200W ultra-wide angle + 4800W ultra Macro telephoto 9 (f/3.0 OIS optical image stabilization).
High-End Features Of Huawei Mate60 Pro High-End%20Features%20Of%20Huawei%20Mate60%20Pro
It is close to the Huawei P60 Pro in the first half of the year, but the main camera and telephoto are weaker than the P60 Pro (the main camera is smaller, and the telephoto aperture is smaller. However, with XMAGE images, the photo-taking experience should not be bad in theory. , at least among current flagship phones, it should be above average.

Judging from the current test samples, the Mate60 Pro's photography is still very good, but the optimization in some areas (such as portraits, telephoto, and telephoto night scenes) needs to be improved.

Enameled wire, also called enameled wire cable, is a cable that uses ultra-fine metal wire as a conductor and is coated with a special layer of insulating paint. It is mainly used in mobile phones to connect various components and parts, such as batteries, screens, cameras, etc., to transmit electrical signals or energy.

The applications and principles in mobile phones are as follows:
Connecting internal components: Enameled wires are mainly used to connect various components and parts inside mobile phones, such as connecting the battery to the motherboard, connecting the screen to the motherboard, connecting the camera, etc. These cables carry electrical energy and signals.

High-density wiring: The internal space of mobile phones is relatively small, and the limited space needs to be efficiently utilized. Enameled wires can achieve high-density wiring in a very small size, thereby ensuring the connection between various components inside the mobile phone.

Insulation layer protection: The surface of the metal conductor of the enameled wire is coated with a special layer of insulating paint. This layer of paint not only acts as an insulator to prevent short circuits between conductors, but also protects metal wires from oxidation and corrosion.

Flexibility and wear resistance: Enameled wire usually has high flexibility and can adapt to the small and complex structure inside the mobile phone. At the same time, they also need to have a certain degree of wear resistance to prevent wear and tear during long-term use.

Transmitting electrical signals and electrical energy: The basic function of enameled wire is to transmit electrical signals and electrical energy. Through these cables, various components inside the mobile phone can receive the required power supply, and at the same time, corresponding signal transmission can be performed to achieve various functions.

In general, enameled wires play an important role in connecting, transmitting signals and power inside mobile phones. Their high-quality manufacturing and design have an important impact on the overall performance and stability of mobile phones.

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