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We generally divide human face shapes into 7 types

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We generally divide human face shapes into 7 types Empty We generally divide human face shapes into 7 types

Post by kelly li Thu Mar 11, 2021 7:21 am

Our Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, so do our faces. Wigs help us look fabulous. When purchasing the wigs online, always difficult to know which hairstyle will flatter you best. A beautiful wig can transform your look and make you younger. But sometimes, what can be a beautiful style on you may not flatter someone else. So getting the proper shape to compliment your face is incredibly important.

We generally divide human face shapes into 7 types, oval, square, round, diamond, pearl, heart, and oblong.

Oval: An oval-shaped face gracefully tapes toward chine, and it has a length that is 1.5 times its width.

Square: A square-shaped face has a striking wide jaw and a wider hairline.

Round: A round-shaped often means face means chubby cheeks and a face with a width and length that are nearly equal.

Diamond: Face highly angular and somewhat bony. And also the people who have a diamond face usually their fairly wide cheekbones.

Pear: It is also called a trapezoid face shape. A pear-shaped face has a jawline that is wider than the forehead. The chin will also be fairly broad.

Heart: A heart-shaped face, face strongly tapers toward the chin, and the chin tends to be pointy. The forehead may be a prominent feature.

Oblong: An oblong face has a slightly longer face length. The face is not particularly wide and the chin is fairly pointy.

Oval, square, and round faces are common face shapes. Let’s talk about these three types of face shapes today!

Wigs for oval face shape:
The oval face shape is considered the ideal face shape because it is symmetrical. If you are this type of face shape, then you can almost suit any wigs! Curly, straight, deep wave, body wave, or bob wigs, the choice is yours! West Kiss Hair shop offers more than 100 different lace wigs. You will find your favourite wigs here.

Wigs for square face shape:
Square and bony jawline is the prominent feature. Avoiding straight hair and choosing wavy hair to break up the strong angles of your face will be a good choice.
If you like the small curl, you can choose the []curly lace wigs[/url], or you can choose the water wave lace wigs.
We generally divide human face shapes into 7 types 613_blonde_wigs_3__2

Wigs for round face shape:
As for the round face, the path width and length almost the same. Usually, it looks beautiful and full. And one great thing about having a round face is that you tend to look younger. I would like to recommend long length human hair wigs lace front and headband wigs. The longer hair length wig is very friendly for a round face shape. Because it can elongate the length of your face and can help to soften the fullness in your cheeks. If you have a round face, you must try a long length wig and avoiding the short length lace wig.
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