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How To Wear Hair Weave

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How To Wear Hair Weave Empty How To Wear Hair Weave

Post by yolissahair Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:48 am

Hair weave is the most common way to increase your hair length and volume. It can beautify your natural hair easily. However, what is hair weave? How to find a high-quality hair weave? How to wear hair weave? You will know after reading.

What Is Hair Weave
Hair weave/bundles are the wefts of the human hair or synthetic hair, which can be used to sewn-in, taped-in, or clipped-in one people's hair. Yolissa Hair weaves have machine double weft, they are tighter, neat, and less hair loss. Different weaving types are commonly available in the market are netting, fusion, bonding, tracking, micro braiding, etc.
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Why You Need Hair Weaves
1.On the one hand, some people don't like to buy the wigs directly because the size is inappropriate sometimes. So they would like to use weaves with closures or frontals and make wigs by themselves. On the other hand, when you find the density is not enough of your wigs, you can buy single bundles to make the wig more perfect. Yolissa Hair offers different hair weave styles, you can find the most suitable one.

2.Want a new color? Or want to see how you look with straight hair without using heat or relaxers? Hair weaves let you experiment without the worry of damaging your hair. Yolissa Hair offers colored hair weaves like blonde & ombre hair, color 27 honey blonde hair, ombre human hair, 613 blonde hair, etc. Also, you can dye the hair you want by yourself.

How To Wear Hair Weave
Under normal circumstances, there are three methods to wear weave: Sew-in, Tape-in, Clip-in.
Sew-in: adding human hair to the weft with thread. Sew-in can hide the trace of hair weave, and make a hair weave look like it grew out of your head. And Sew-in hair weaves do minimal harm to your hair.
Before you do that, you need to prepare a sew-in foundation. Because hair Weave should not be overstretched, it will show signs of sewing. A foundation will fix this problem. If there is no foundation, you also could go to a hair salon. Perfect sewing will make you have a beautiful hairstyle.

Tape-in: using tape or a solution to glue hair weave to the scalp. This method suitable for people who want to increase some volume to their real hair or wig, but don't want the intense sewing process. But it has the potential to cause extensive damage to your hair if not attached and removed with extreme care.
3. Clip-in: The simplest option to implement hair weave into your hair. It needs you to install the long clips from back to front, then put your real hair into two pieces of human hair weave; at last, use a comb to ensure that the weft is not visible. You can install clips quickly and remove them immediately by yourselves, so it is very convenient for you. You don’t need to go to a professional salon which spends more money and time. The clips are generally lightweight, so they don't put too much pressure on your hair or scalp.
How To Distinguish The Real Human Hair Of bundle with closure
When you buy hair weave, you need to know the sign words of high-quality hair weave -100% human hair like curly lace front wigs.
100% human hair is real human hair with no mix of animal hair or chemicals hair. Virgin human hair is the best human hair that is usually collected from the hair that is scattered on the floor, the ends of the hair, and in different directions at the top of the hair, so the products are more likely to become tangled.
There are two methods to distinguish the virgin human hair.
1.Chemical inspection. Real virgin human hair should be free of any chemicals. You can take a small test to see if you can smell anything from perming or relaxing. Alternatively, apply a small amount of neutralizing shampoo to your hair and massage. If the hair weave is discolored, it proves that the hair has been treated through chemicals.
2.Cuticle examination.100% virgin human hair should have a cuticle. If not, the cuticle is removed, usually by pickling. You can check for cuticles by running your finger down the length of your hair, and the hair should be felt smooth and sliding down, but when you experience some resistance, the hair maybe not 100% virgin human hair.

Hair Care Guide For Virgin Hair Bundles
It is always necessary to take care of your hair bundles. Virgin hair is pure human hair, so it needs the same hair care routines as you do for your natural hair. Here are some tips for you to take care of hair bundles, so you can use them for a longer period.
1.Don’t wash the bundles too frequently. Washing virgin hair bundles every two or three days if you wear them every day. Apply a moisture conditioner and comb hair when washing, starting with the ends working your way up to your scalp. After washing off the human hair bundles, you can apply a little amount of conditioner that helps to keep it damage-free and frizz-free. Let air-dry. If you have used any kind of hair spray or any other chemical product then wash it first before using it for the second time.
2.It’s important to comb your bundles before and after use. This way will reduce the situation of tangled.
3.Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose and large braid and wear a satin scarf or bonnet.
4.After waking up, undo braid and comb using a wide-tooth comb ( or paddle brush ) through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.
5.Avoid scratching your weave hair, scratching loosens your sew-in weave, and you may have to remove it after a short time.
6.If you are using clip-in virgin hair bundles, you need to avoid sleeping with it because that might cause tangle. And if you are using sew-in weaves, then first wrap your hair with a satin or silk scarf while going to sleep. You can also use a satin pillow cover. Avoid gyming with these clip-in hair extensions as that will put a strain on the weave and will damage your natural hair.

Hope you can get the wigs you like.

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