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Paper Covered Wire VS Enameled Wire

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Paper Covered Wire VS Enameled Wire Empty Paper Covered Wire VS Enameled Wire

Post by fishfeedmachine Tue Feb 21, 2023 10:14 am

Among the current magnet wire products, paper-covered wire and enameled wire are very important types of products, and they are widely used.

First of all, we need to be clear about the difference between the two. There are many types of enameled wires, with better mechanical properties and heat resistance. They are mainly used in motors, transformers and other electrical appliances, while paper-covered wires are made of insulating paper and wires. Good wear resistance, good voltage resistance in oil, and lower cost, mainly used to manufacture transformer coils.
Paper Covered Wire VS Enameled Wire Copper-coils
In addition, enameled wire is better than paper-covered wire in terms of water resistance and thermal performance, so if your application environment has high requirements on these two points, you can choose enameled wire first, and if you are applying it to motors and some electrical appliances , Also mostly use enameled wire.

In general, we need to know their similarities and differences first, and then make a suitable choice according to our scope of use and application environment, so that we can choose the wire that suits us. Of course, there will be some other problems in practice. , If we are not sure, consulting lanpu is also a very good choice.

Come to see the lp industry products like the aluminum foils and copper foils.


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